Microteatre is a new revolutionary way of doing theatre: 15-minute plays performed in small spaces for less than 15 spectators. Although the idea was born in Madrid, it quickly spread to other parts of the world; Mexico, Buenos Aires, Valencia or Miami are just some examples. In 2015 Barcelona joined the list of cities that embraced this successful franchise. 
Being a franchise, Microtreatre Barcelona had to keep the black and white code of colour. However, we wanted to give it its own voice with a bold design. The website is illustrated with characters from different plays and storybooks. The background was made with watercolours and the illustrations handcrafted to make more powerful the proximity between theatre and the other arts. 
The illustrations are also on the walls of the theatre, revealing the entrance to the world of Microteatre. These images caught the attention of children, grown-ups and even sponsors.
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